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Aaron and I at La Alhambra in Granada, Spain a few days before Thanksgiving in 2006. He was my first and fastest friend at work. He's in NYC now, and I miss him.

Ang and Sam, my very fun, very gracious, very big-hearted friends who live just up the stairs. I learn from them every day.
Sean, Brian, Dave and Matt (sorry Beej, you should be in this shot as well!). Extraordinary musicians and men.
Elena, who lives upstairs and wrinkles up her nose every time she says “please?”.
Me and Paul in Bordeaux, France, a few days after Thanksgiving 2007. We met online (it was hell). He lives in DC now. I miss him. Apparently, after traveling abroad with me, people move far, far away.
Glory, who is Elena’s twin. Equally talented at kissing, singing and pinching.
The glamorous Jenny and Aaron, whom I’ve loved since college. They are kick-ass hosts, among other things.
Manny, who is big brother to the twins, far more coordinated than I’ve ever dreamed of being, and very tolerant of my singing. His hugs get my morning started right.

Me, Kristin, Christine, Jen, Jen, Jenny, Julie and Marilyn soaking up the sun at Hood Canal. The collective talent, wisdom, compassion and wit of these women makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ty, Izzy, Linds, and Sam. My sisters’ fabulous kids. More on them in the August 18, 2009 post.

My friends are making new friends for me to love! Here are two of them: Clark and Liam. C-U-T-E.

Colby and Beth, Megan and Alex, me, Brian and Jill on a roasting hot August day in DC. On this trip there was crab killing, skinny dipping, and nonsense in the National Gallery. I loved it!

And there are others, but I don’t have photos of them! I am blessed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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I found it!

Huge cheers and celebration for the return of the prodigal! That’s right folks, I found it – my motivation!

For the last few months, I have been feeling uninspired. A little listless. Luh-ay-zee. I’ve done nothing more than the bare minimum required of me socially, at work, and to silence my mom’s voice in my head.

But in the last few days, since beginning to recover from HEAD COLD: FALL ’09 [insert 3-D graphic and “Dunh Dunh, Duuuh” music here], I’ve been on a roll!

Exercise – POW!
Bring my lunch to work – POW!
Make an appointment to give blood – POW!
Wash my face before bed (yes, it had gotten that bad) – POW!

It’s not summiting Everest or curing cancer or abolishing shag carpeting, but one must revel in the small victories, yes?

And I’m not new: I know that this train may only go so far down the track, but I’m ridin’ it for all I’m worth. The alarm is set for a 6 AM appointment with my elliptical trainer, and I’m on my way to bed before ten.

For the record, I found my motivation in my punchbowl/liquor cabinet, hiding behind my secret stash of Jif peanut butter.

On second thought, maybe it was bourbon I found. Same-same.

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