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Las Vegas, Day One


1. Taking a first glimpse at the lions at the MGM Grand (which is larger than some towns in Nevada, I’m pretty sure).

2. Getting nostalgic for my peeps in NYC whilst traipsing through NY NY. Seeing huge grins on the faces of Lou and Ty as they came off the roller coaster for the second time in twenty minutes.

3. Marveling over the fact that there are FOUR FLOORS of M&Ms crap to be consumed, including a NASCAR race car and a cheesy 3D movie complete with abominably bad live acting.

4. Winning 500 tickets at Gameworks at the Wheel of Fortune game. Elementary schools spelling bee prowess pays off. Sucking at the driving games, which the 15 year old rocked. Playing pool on the crappiest tables ever, having to substitute a spare cue ball for a missing stripe.

5. Splitting ribs and chicken in the Rainforest Cafe back at the MGM Grand, then arriving at the lion habitat just in time for dinner! I can’t figure out how to download the video from my phone, but here’s a not-so-good photo I took when we were standing below them.

6. Making plans for a future stop at the Oxygen bar at Ex Caliber.

7. Walking waaaaay down the strip (it didn’t look that far on the map!) to Paris to ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower just in time for the first Bellagio fountain show of the evening. Watched the sun set spectacularly over the mountains.

8. Hoofing ALL THE WAY back to NY NY for the kiddos to experience the roller coaster at night, which was apparently the best way to do it.

9. Trekking for miles through the MGM Grand to the Garden Arena (no garden in sight) to arrive “just in time” for an 8 PM show at which the opening act, Scissor Sisters (two thumbs down from the niece and nephew), started at 8:45.

10. OMFGaga. Stunning. Brilliant. We danced and screamed and clapped and raised our paws and had our ever-loving minds blown. I spent twenty bucks on a “Born This Way” tote bag (yay green-teamĀ Gaga!), she was that good. BEST. CONCERT. EVER. I will see her again and again. The two 50-something couples in front of us seemed to enjoy it as well.

Can’t wait to see what day two brings!


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